Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rehearsal politics - Dialogue, Communication and Notes on the 8th Shanghai Biennale Gao Shiming "I wish my work to be something like a scalpel, a flask or an underground passage, and I would like them to be ashes as firecrackers." - Michelle Foucault For the nature of action, we are far from being fully and clearly thoughtful. - Martin Heidegger A conversation A: Do not you think we are getting stupid? B: Everybody is smart, just as an artist becomes foolish. C: Is the question of contemporary art not too "smart" to the artists? D: In fact, the artists are very anxious, but also very at a loss, simply said - the lack of sense of direction. B: Is the curator clear? D: curators are equally confused and confused. Not to mention the problem, or only ask questions, never give the answer. Is there any answer? D: We always feel dissatisfied and can not tell the reason. A: what can be, nothing boring. B: personal creativity seems to have dried up, can not find the source point, full of cosplay. D: everywhere is business, gallery advertising everywhere, the magazine is all auction information, critics and galleries together, curators and collectors conspiracy ... ... B: everywhere is "standardized contemporary art". C: Can contemporary art be standard? D: feeling the stones across the river. ABCD: tired of it. ABCD: very tired. E: We are inexplicably entering a state. But can not clearly describe this state. Where do we come from? We face all day is the strength of the art market, the history of art failure, the confusion of values, curator's strategy and discourse ... ... F: In fact, contemporary, is not only this loss and no sense of direction is appropriate. 80 years, 90 years, the artist goal is clear, there are things to do, it is because there are enemies, there are goals. And now, it seems that art is flattened, and no art enemies can fight. E: It is natural that one of the works of contemporary art is to continually make our self-reliant land into a quicksand, and it continually creates puzzles and confuses. C: Are you confused? B: mainly at a loss. A: everything seems to be pre-allowed. C: Are you allowed? A: The key is even if it is allowed to make no sense, we have no derailment of the impulse. B: what things are a bit mean, but it's no big deal. D: the artist's individual is not filled, but very empty. F: the individual can be a wilderness, can be ruins, can also have a disease, that is not healthy and empty. E: This is the moment of the artist's crisis, although the history of art since the modernist history itself is full of the history of the crisis, but now we are not the same situation, feeling was evacuated, exhausted. C: "how to do nothing?" B: Did we forget the original intention? A: Wait! Wait! What is coming soon? ABCDEF: very tired. ABCDEF: Trouble. Copied from, which Google labeled a "dangerous" site, then run through Google site translator to de-dangerize it.

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