Friday, March 3, 2017

Cremation Portraits CREMATION ART An exciting new way to combine the power of personalized art and provide the comfort of keeping a small amount of ashes close. The image, transferred onto museum quality canvas, is stretched and wrapped around a wood frame. A UV coating completes the process. We have a wide selection of frames to choose from. The beautiful canvas-transfer print emulates the color richness, texture and fine detail of an original painting right down to the detail of brush strokes. We can also make adjustments and fix your damaged photos. Once you have approved the design, the cremation ashes of your loved one are tastefully incorporated into a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. A final layer of glaze is applied over the ashes to permanently hold them in place. The cremation ashes are fully visible and touchable while adding a third dimension of beauty and meaning to the cremation art work. The result is a fine piece of memorial art that will give comfort and peace that will be admired for generations to come. There are three basic styles of cremation art to choose from. Using a photograph you supply, we can create a custom piece of heirloom art. It can be a portrait, a family photo, a picture of a special place, such as the location of the scattering or home site. There are no limits, so be creative. You can even combine our scenes with your photo if you would like. Text can also be added to further personalize each piece. A poem, a favorite saying, names and date are just some of the ideas people have used. We also have a selection of spiritual and comforting scenes of art that you may choose from. You may also select to have a hand drawn pencil sketch for your cremation ashes art. The penciled sketch can be a portrait or scene. You will be in close contact with the artist throughout the design process. Many of the families served by Cremation Solutions choose to scatter the ashes of their loved ones with a scattering urn while retaining some of the ashes for cremation art, cremation jewelry and small keepsake urns. Because the artwork is digitally created we can keep cremation art and portraits affordable. You also will have a chance to view the design before it goes to print, so you will know just what you are getting. We can make changes and deminish blemishes to your photo at your request. We know how important this artwork is to your family. Unlike Cremation Urns only a small amount of ashes is needed and we carefully handle the ashes with the utmost respect and dignity. We have a strict system in place to track the cremation ashes, so you can be assured that only the cremation ashes of your loved one are used and any ashes that are not used will be returned with your art. Once you place your order we will immediately ship you a kit to mail the ashes to us. Each order is tracked using both the name of the deceased and your order number. Shipping the ashes and the cremation art is included in the cost of your selection. Starting at Only $127 including shipping! Copied from

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