Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chris Drury - Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Artist: Chris Drury
Title: Time Capsule
Materials: Woven trees, serviceberry saplings, rammed earth
Date: 2002
Location: South Carolina Botanical Garden, Clemson, SC, USA

"The two central monoliths have each got 4 planted 12' trees around them ( American Beech for one and River Birch for the other) these are incorporated into a woven basket structure of green sticks into which is rammed red South Carolina soil (clay) and cement (5-1). Weave 18", ram 18" on up to about 8' high."

"The weaving will eventually rot away and the living trees will grow around the rammed earth monoliths which may last a century or two."

"The two domes forming a figure of 8 around the monoliths are woven with green sticks, but each down stick has a Seviceberry sapling planted with it, 70 in all, which again will continue to grow and graft together when the sticks are rotted and gone. Serviceberry is a small tree with crimson leaves in the autumn and the large clusters of berries is a good food resource for birds. They will last around 50 years but will re-sprout from the roots. American Beech will last 250 years and more and can grow to 200' high, by which time it will have shaded out all the other growing elements of the work."

Copied from: http://greenmuseum.org/content/work_index/img_id-250__prev_size-0__artist_id-29__work_id-52.html



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