Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chris Drury - Green Museum Statement

Chris Drury is a Curator's Choice Artist from the UK. He has had a prolific career exploring, shaping and presenting nature with exceptional creativity. His environmental art includes a range of stunning works from woven sculptures made from living plants, mushroom spore prints, stone cairns and delicate arrangements of plastic trash to large stacked stone wave chambers for observing and accentuating the splashing of waves.

"My work explores nature and culture, inner and outer. I travel and walk in out-of-the-way places, often alone. More recently I have been looking at Body as Landscape or systems within the body and systems on the planet."

"I have also worked extensively with small communities in Europe, Japan and America, collaborating with others and making work that fits with the needs of the community and is an integral part of the landscape."

"A defining characteristic of all my works is that they draw attention to something which is outside of the work itself, they are not self-referential."

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