Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Torture Garden" - Naked City (1990) [Full Album & Review]

Review by Bradley Torreano, Josh Couturier (JaeOhEsH)
Release Date: 1990
Duration: 22:27
Genre: Avant-Garde, Jazz, Pop/Rock
Styles: Experimental Rock, Speed/Thrash Metal Recording
Date: 1989-1990
Recommended Listen by: Nate Aldrich

 JaeOhEsH- This work is very rebellious to contemporary structures of “music”. The work sounds volatile and fills the room with rowdy raucousness. Extremely interesting juxtapositions of sound and duration, make this an auditory adventure into a realm that should be experienced!

Torreano- From the violent cover art to the Japanese text inside the album, at first glance one might mistake Torture Garden for a fetishist soundtrack. But jazz madman John Zorn and Boredoms frontman Yamatsuka Eye assembled another group of open-minded musicians to carry on their vision of grindcore and jazz uniting. Distinguished musicians Wayne Horovitz and Bill Frisell help Zorn and Eye take this from a curious side project to a fantastic metal band. Songs blur together but never get boring, no lyrics are actually sung, and few songs last longer than a minute. It also never takes itself seriously, a nice relief from Zorn’s heavy-handed ambient collaborations. This would make a great introduction to the noise/jazz efforts that this group of musicians pioneered in the early '90s

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