Friday, April 25, 2008

Man Ray

2b Rue Ferou, Paris

This film was made in order to preserve an important aspect of contemporary art - the Parisian studio of the Surrealist artist Man Ray. For twenty-six minutes we are invited to discover what lives on in the silence, under the dust of a place out of time. Since the death of the artist in 1976, everything has remained in place: paintbrushes, canvases, cameras, the darkroom, sculptures, mail, an array of unusual objects, the bedroom. Juliet, Man Ray's muse and companion for over twenty years, remembers. She alone is able to talk about what lives on in the studio. She takes us back to share in his ideas and his friendships - with Duchamp, Giacometti, Breton, Eluard, Paulhan, Dali, and Buñuel. The film is a testimony to a life lived and an art very much alive. It visits, post-mortem, an extraordinary world. The studio was destroyed in December 1989.

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Man Ray Ingres' Violin

François Levy-Kuentz

Stephan Levy-Kuentz
François Levy-Kuentz

Juliet Man Ray

26 minutes
Recommended audience age range 14-adult

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