Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Aspects Of Meta-Networking, Henning Mittendorf

1 -- Today's science, for instance quantum theory and radical constructivism, teaches that one cannot recognize an objective independent reality, but that one can only construct viable patterns, models, reciprocal effects, evolving symmetries by cognition and communication, spirit, and creativity. For that matter, models as spontaneous ideas of spirit do not exist in anybody's head or other isolated structure but within the open reciprocal effective process of perception, thinking, and doing -- i.e. within the meta-network's organization itself, for instance that of mankind or of the whole world, its totality.

2 -- The model of totality is constructed as an evolving fractal meta-network consisting of -- according to the onlooker's position -- various evolving self-organizing differentiating out multi-dimensionally interlocked into another built up one on top of the other self-similar dynamic-symmetrical reciprocal effective entities, meta- and sub-meta-, etc. networks. Every partial meta-network concentrates upon certain circles of problems and only the overlap takes care that the entire network has at its disposal a (collective) knowledge, spirit that is more than the sum of all partial knowledge.

3 -- Within all meta-networks, from the sub-material spheres up to the ones beyond the spheres of artificial intelligence, the same mechanisms of creativity and spirit are active to slow down and, hopefully, to avert, the final failure of totality, entropy. Creativity and spirit are the mechanisms that lead to the production and reduction of quantities (reproduction and death), varieties (variation and selection), local intensity of variation (aiming aimlessness) and of intensity of reciprocal effectiveness (attraction and isolation) that altogether awake to consciousness within the human spirit by cognition and communication. Cybernetically seen within every network doing (creator) and done (creatures) imply each other and can be exchanged, there exists within the self the alien too, there are all parts of the same importance and there are dis-symmetrical as well as a-symmetrical entities of effectiveness, breaking of symmetries, only comprehensible and effective with a hidden symmetry in the background.

4 -- Since within the global meta-networks of mankind the elites, especially the ones of the western industrial states, mainly do follow selfish particularistic rational interests and thus degenerated to strategists of global catastrophes' productions, (wo-) men do interconnect, interact, are reciprocal effects, network world-wide within alternative super-socialised meta-networks, to replace dualistic conceptions by meta-symmetrical holistic models of meta-networks and to eliminate deadly dangers by counterpoises constructing and testing viable patterns, models, new ways of living preserving and evolving creativity of mankind's meta-network. For them there only remains - with regard to the surrounding deadly menaces - freedom for life, love, hope. They oppose against the realization of all that can be realized and they recommend an orientation at the sociable by conscious participation of (wo-) men in the shaping, organizing, constructing of the world, including especially its communications' conditions, aiming at the strengthening of (wo-) man's cognitive autonomy and his (her) elementary need, to communicate opposite to the institutions of today's information society and its high and mighty technical information systems that can be abused as a big potential of manipulation.

5 -- The meta-network of the consciously networking artists belongs to the alternative meta-network(s). The artists try within their network to come to an understanding with another actually, exemplary and life-oriented by forms of expressions, ideas of presentation, media, that are still qualified for expression, when others' tongues refuse, don't bring out anything anymore. This network is characterized by the specific artistic means that come into being by the melting together of all sorts of modern partly heavy high-technical traffic- and communications-systems as well as their media, for instance the world-wide postal net, with the individual creative cognition and that are used by artists to come to an understanding. The networking artists do choose for communication across large distances normally mediated, indirect, non-face-to-face communications' forms, for instance mail art, fax art, mail boxing, because they save energy, time and other resources. They prefer non-mediated, direct, face-to-face communications' forms, if they want to intensify understanding by animating, inspiring, it, especially by personal contacts, for instance when working together on the spot on the occasion of voyages. Thus they transfer the duration, they do miss in their existence while grasping at the - in the last analysis unattainable - totality, into a more intense confrontation with the alien, the other person, artist. This specific form of communication cannot be used across large distances frequently, as it is very costly compared with the forms of indirect communication. In addition it can happen that the intensity of a personal contact can be refused sometimes, because it exceeds the intensity of reciprocal effectiveness, the artist's cognition is able to deal with respectively his other possibilities, abilities (temporary isolation). Networking of artists all in all isn't allowed to take place only within the meta-network of networking artists. The meta-network of networking artists rather has to become interconnected with other social meta-networks, as artistic work, networking, shall express exemplary, actual and vital reciprocal effects and their topics of understanding shall become a matter of many (wo-) men, of general interest. If this happens, the artistic contribution to communication unveils the joint patterns, qualities and mechanisms of all meta-networks, of totality, and shows that all is open and can be transformed into a more comprehensive, more life-effective form of sociability. Besides one has to notice that interconnection can be planned, but understanding cannot be programmed. This is the task of autonomous cognitions, the unique cognitive-empiric place of individual as well as social construction of realities, senses and values - by communication. Networkers, especially meta-networking in spirit artists, thus do create for themselves and vicariously for all the others - as autonomous persons - a social sphere, wherein they can preserve and develop together with their equals their identities. And if creative power, spirit, i.e. cognition and communication, creates viable patterns, life-serving models within the artist, then networking becomes the mastering of the unknown and at the same time mastered existence, successful shaping and shape, successful life and work, always anew.

6 -- Artistic meta-networking therewith is an experimental-visionary basic research, especially in respect of models concerning the knowing of knowing dealing with the understanding of (wo-) man's relationship to the other and to totality, our world - and thus to itself.

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